Organisers: Dr Stephen Clucas (Birkbeck, University of London) & Dr Anthony Ossa-Richardson (University of Southampton)

EMPHASIS (Early Modern Philosophy and the Scientific Imagination Seminar) focuses on the history of early modern philosophy (broadly construed), and the history of early modern science (including the occult sciences). It is one of the only seminars in London which addresses these themes together.

The purpose of EMPHASIS is to provide a London forum for scholars working in the history of philosophy, intellectual history and the history of science of Europe in the period 1400-1650. The term ‘philosophy’ is interpreted in its fullest Renaissance sense, and includes such themes as: Neoplatonism, scholasticism and late Aristotelian philosophy, Epicureanism, stoicism, scepticism, cosmological theories, the classification of the disciplines, encyclopaedism, Lullism, the art of memory, the philosophy of mathematics, theories of the soul, theories of language and signs, etc.

In previous years, EMPHASIS have explored a wide range of topics, with seminar themes such as: ‘The divided psyche and the law in fifteenth-century Europe, ‘Text and Pretext: Strabo and the Science of Religion around 1700’ and ‘Summoning Pagan Demons in sixteenth-century Florence: Francesco Verino il Secondo’s Interpretation of Platonic Sources’.

EMPHASIS will start from 7 October 2017, but to find out information on the EMPHASIS Seminars for the 2017/18 academic year, you can follow the link to the IES website or go directly to the seminar schedule.