Organiser: Professor Julia Crick (King’s College London)

This seminar covers current research into the intellectual history of book production in the Middle Ages, into the history of medieval texts and script and into manuscript culture more generally. The great value of the seminar, which was founded in the 1970s, is that it draws on a wide pool of expertise from the academic world, the British Library, and the commercial world of books.

The Medieval Manuscripts Seminar is linked with the London Palaeography Teachers’ Group and so acts as the meeting place for many of those involved with the teaching of the London International Palaeography Summer School.

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The Medieval Manuscripts Seminars have ranged very widely in previous years chronologically, geographically and culturally: with the John Coffin lecture and Professor Arianna d’Ottone Rambach’s lecture it has ventured into Hebrew and Arabic writing in the medieval west. It has welcomed a range of speakers, including scholars trained in Canada, Italy and Spain, from recent PhDs to an Oxford Professor Emeritus. Speakers have come from the British Library, the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, La Sapienzia Rome and King’s College London.

The Medieval Manuscripts Seminars will start from 3 October 2017, but to find out information on the seminars for the 2017/18 academic year, you can follow the link to the IES website or go directly to the seminar schedule.

If you wish to delve further into the seminars, then follow the link to the Manuscripts Lab where you can find details on topics and themes to be discussed, as well as information who on to contact.