Organisers: Tim Armstrong (Royal Holloway, University of London), David Ayers (University of Kent), Rebeca Beasley (Queen’s College, Oxford), Helen Carr (Goldsmiths, University of London), Peter Fifield (BIrkbeck College, University of London) and Suzanne Hobson (Queen Mary, University of London)

The London Modernism Seminar aims to showcase work-in-progress in the field of modernist studies. It features a mix of established and junior researchers from UK and non-UK institutions. The seminar aims to be interdisciplinary in focus, with speakers coming from the disciplines of English, drama, history, book history, art history, and neuroscience.

Last year, the seminars featured a mix of established and junior researchers from UK and non-UK institutions (Rutgers and University College Cork). We aim to be interdisciplinary in focus, and last year’s speakers came from the disciplines of Literary Studies, Art History and Philosophy. The topics were selected to represent a cross-section of current priorities in the field: Edwardian Modernists (Alex Davis, Cork and Michael Alexander), Knowledge and Experience (Nick Gaskill, Rutgers, Jon Day, KCL), Speculative Fiction (Elizabeth English, Cardiff Met and Kate Macdonald, Reading), Modernism in the Wild (Drew Milne, Cambridge and Abbie Garrington, Durham) and Modernist Spaces (Peter Howarth, QMUL and Michael Paraskos).

The seminar continues to attract a strong core audience of postdoctoral researchers and staff from the London colleges and beyond. The London Modernism Seminar is the longest established of all the various regional modernism seminars in the UK. It plays a significant role in setting the agenda for modernist studies in the UK working closely with the other regional seminars as well as the British Association for Modernist Studies. The LMS hosted the annual New Work in Modernist Studies Postgraduate Conference at Queen Mary University of London on 10 December 2016, supported by the British Association of Modernist Studies, Modernist Network Cymru, the Scottish Network of Modernist Studies and the Northern Modernism Seminar.

The London Modernism Seminars will start from 7 October 2017, but to find out information on the seminars for the 2017/18 academic year, you can follow the link to the IES website or go directly to the seminar schedule.

If you wish to delve further into the Beckett Seminars, then follow the link to the active twitter of the British Association for Modernist Studies where you can find details on topics and themes to be discussed, as well as information who on to contact.