Recent scholarship, particularly George Gissing and the Woman Question: Convention and Dissent (2013), edited by Christine Huguet and Simon James, has opened up new ways of thinking about Gissing’s depiction of women. 2018 celebrates the 125th anniversary of The Odd Women (1893), a novel that treats so many issues central to the nineteenth century, including marriage, professionalism, inheritance, and class. In celebration, and to mark both the protest movements of 1968 and the women’s suffrage of 1918, we invite contributions for proposed panels on Gissing and his writing in the Annual Literary London Society Conference, held on 28-29 June 2018, at the Institute of English Studies in the University of London. Papers may explore any work of Gissing’s but they must speak to the conference’s focus: “Conflict and Resolution.”

Papers might address:

  • Illnesses
  • Familiar vs romantic marriage
  • Careers
  • Money
  • (In)fidelity
  • Tradition
  • Victorian realism
  • Shame
  • Stalking
  • Flâneur
  • Reputations
  • Conversation
  • Correspondence
  • Life writing

Please submit your queries and abstract of up to 250 words and a brief biography of no more than 50 words to Dr Tom Ue (Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto Scarborough, and Honorary Research Associate, University College London) at by 15 March. Notice will be given by 20 March and the panel will be submitted for consideration on 1 April in accordance to the CFP (see