Helen Saunders (King’s College London) & Dr Steven Morrision (University of Nottingham)

The Charles Peake Ulysses Seminar is devoted to the line-by-line reading and analysis of James Joyce’s Ulysses and it has acted as a focal point for academic researchers and postgraduate students with research interests in Joyce across London and the southeast and beyond for thirty years. Over that time it has built up a dedicated following while also drawing in new participants year on year. It keeps in touch with seminarians past and present by way of a blog which disseminates the seminar’s findings each month.

The seminar provides a fruitful ongoing dialogue with the Joycean community more broadly, both nationally and internationally.

The Charles Peake Ulysses Seminar will start from 21 September 2018. To find out information on the seminars for the 2018/19 academic year, you can follow the link to the IES website or go directly to the seminar schedule.